Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lord of the Teabaggers Admits He's Full of Shit

It's difficult to believe that the Tea Party movement is "all about principles" when you read something as craven as this shit:
Armey prides himself on his intellect and rationality, but his years in Washington have taught him the political uses of irrationality and even outright fantasy. He told me he does not believe some of the most extreme charges that emerged in the debate over health care reform — for example, that "death panels" will tell elderly people when it's time to die — but he welcomes the energy and passion that such beliefs bring to his side. "You know that expression: The enemy of my enemy is my friend?" he asked. "Are their fears exaggerated? Yeah, probably. But are Obama's promises exaggerated? I may think it's silly, but if people want to believe that," he said, referring to death panels, "it's O.K. with me."

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Cory Liebmann said...

"the enemy of my enemy is my friend"...

until they lose a seat in a mostly gop district and start a third party to run against your other candidates.