Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin is Finished in the GOP

This isn't a memoir, it's a career suicide note.

[via M]


CJ said...

It's just hard to take an of this seriously.

My guess- she's go rogue the on the Rush way. Taking the money....

More profitable, more fun and she can dish digs on anyone she wants, anytime. She speaks to her flock. (of sheep that is...)

For the rest of us, it's entertainment.

p.s. I'd tell Levi to watch his back. Gonna have a mighty big bull's eye on it during moose season.

CJ said...

Newt knows how to play it.

As former Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich put it a few weeks ago: "If she grows, she'll be the Republican nominee. More than anybody else in the party, her future is in her hands."

Gingrich said he expects an "amazing" book tour for the former Alaska governor, with enthusiastic audiences at her signings and plenty of media coverage. "If in the process she begins to develop a sophisticated message and she begins to do interviews where people say, you know, 'She was maligned and there's a lot more there than I thought,' she'll be very formidable -- and she'll be the front-runner by February or March."

*gag, cough, snort*