Saturday, November 7, 2009

Palin Pushes Death Panels in Milwaukee

Sarah Palin's visit to Milwaukee last night leaves a ton to talk about, but we wanted to focus some special attention on one aspect of the speech before we get into some of the minutia.

Probably the most complete account of the speech will be found at Kathy Carpenter's blog. It's fawning and sycophantic, but to her credit, Carpenter seems to report on a lot of the actual content of the speech. Here's one troubling graph from Carpenter's write-up:
The governor even spoke about “panels” of bureaucrats making health care decisions for the elderly. The governor also promised that health care rationing is coming if this health care bill is passed in its current form. You could see the light dancing in her eyes as she spoke of the “panels of bureaucrats.” That was fun to watch.
You'll notice the modifier "death" has been conveniently omitted from the noun "panels," but there's little getting around the implication: Palin is still getting mileage off of her grossly untrue "death panels" comment made this last summer. In fact, the "light dancing in her eyes," according to Carpenter, may have been just as good as one of the vintage Palin winks.

MORE: Mudflats has an interesting (albeit incomplete) transcription and Heartland Hollar may have pulled off the most significant Wisconsin blogger coup of the year by "acquiring" a bootleg video recording of the tape.

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