Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Stupidest Analogy You'll Read All Day

Take it away, Dan Riehl:
The New York GOP, or whomever, picked its candidate, the GOP establishment backed them, as they were all but compelled to do under the circumstances. The problem is, the entire process was FUBER aka Effed Up By Establishment Republicans living insidethe machine and not the people that make up the electorate.

This reminds me of the frustration we felt as we rolled through the primaries in 2008. We watched open primaries with cross-over voting yield results that we didn't much like in too many cases.

(emphasis added)
This assumes that floods of Democratic voters "invaded" the Republican primary, even though the GOP primaries were over well before the Democrats had finished their own hotly contested primary. Riehl is basically saying that tons of Democratic voters threw their chances at making their own voices heard away just for the opportunity to screw with Republicans like they were participating in some kind of impromptu "Operation Chaos."

It's never conservatives fault, after all...

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Alex said...

Actually, there wasn't a primary for NY23. County chairs in both parties met and decided on a candidate.