Sunday, November 8, 2009

Palin Says Milwaukee Media Blackout Wasn't Her Call

Anyone else buy this?
Let me set the record straight on the media's follow-up reports of the great event: Despite what CNN reported, decisions about not allowing cameras at the event were the prerogative of the sponsors of the event, and I, of course, respected their decision.
She respected the decision so much that she included a cell phone photo from the event in the post ... from an event that didn't allow photography or cell phones:

Why on Earth would WRL adopt a blackout policy for this event? It would make much more sense to have the entire place rigged with cameras to capture the event for future fund-raising and promotional material.

I guess I can kind of understand the logic of the call if it were based on principles similar to the ones the NFL uses to blackout local television coverage of teams that don't sell a certain amount of tickets to a game, but that's a pretty large stretch.


grumps said...

I think it makes perfect sense for WRTL to control all f the images that come out of the event.

It's just like the WIAA trying to prevent webcasts of the games it holds rights to.

If you control the images you can control perception.

The best question to ask is if Palin has any other "No Press" events on her little book tour. It would be best for her to have as many faces see this as possible.

Has anybody asked how much of the ticket price of this event went to the "talent" and how much was soaked up by WRTL? Was Chuckles compensated? Did either candidate accept an honorarium to his war chest?

CJ said...

She pulled the same crap overseas.- No press.

Jb said...

That's a good point, CJ.

Here's a reminder.

It'll be interesting to see what happens in environments that are not as easy to control, like some of the stops on her book tour.