Sunday, November 29, 2009

Q: What do You do When You Lose Your Race for State Assembly?

A: Take up Dumpster-diving:
The document was found in Dumpster outside of an ACORN office in San Diego, a House Republican aide said. Derrick Roach, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for statehouse in California, took thousands of documents last week from the trash outside the office. An ACORN spokesman confirmed the veracity of the document.
Unfortunately, that's a typo: there is no suburb of San Diego called Dumpster, California (alas!).

I couldn't care less about ACORN and not disposing of confidential material properly is just one of myriad reasons why, but isn't this something you get a private investigator to do? Maybe even an intern? Does the actual candidate himself have to spend an afternoon sifting through trash looking for incriminating documents?

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