Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fred Dooley Supports Horrific Acts of Terrorist Violence

If someone thinks that another person is "not fit for anything except to be the next Daniel Pearl," the speaker is saying that the killing of Pearl was justified. Saying that anyone "deserves" or is "fit for" what happened to Pearl is to empower the terrorists who killed him with a degree of justice they most certainly don't have.

It goes well beyond poor taste. It's an unspeakably callous act that belies a sinister nature, a Freudian slip that betrays the speakers true mind.

So was it the painkillers that were responsible for such a barbaric comment? Or is this just another Southern thing that us simple folk up here in the boonies wouldn't understand?


Zach W. said...

Comments like that are par for the course at blogs like "Real Debate" and Badger Blogger.

grumps said...

The latest hilarity involves a misreading of Psalm 109 as calling for the early death of Obama.

It's a regular laff-riot