Thursday, November 1, 2007

Just Rub Some Dirt on It

Duncan Hunter -- dipshit extraordinaire -- has come up with what has to be his stupidest, most nonsensical idea yet: Instead of sending Foreign Service officers, some of whom have been understandably reluctant to accept assignments to Iraq, to Baghdad, why not send wounded vets?

[L]et’s turn to those who have bravely followed the American flag in the most dangerous of assignments. The U.S. Marines, soldiers, airmen and Navy personnel presently recovering at our national military hospitals have all the character required by the Department of State. They are brave, loyal, intelligent and fiercely determined to win the War on Terror.”


Pay close attention to how inartfully this is worded: "Presently recovering"! Not "recently discharged," but currently recuperating.

Christ, haven't they done enough?

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