Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Ron. Goddamn. Paul.

Since the 3rd quarter campaign finance number started trickling out on Monday there have been two stories: a yawner about Hillary Clinton raising $27 million and Ron frickin Paul.

For evidence see McClatchy, ABC, USA Today, Townhall, the Washington Times, the Gate, the Hill, the crazy ass New York Sun, RCP, Forbes, the New York Times, the Politico, and the Politico (again).

Here's a bold prediction: Time and/or Newsweek will run a cover story on Paul and his followers some time in the next couple months (before December). The Pauline consortium of Libertarians, anarcho-capitalists, conspiracy theorists, whack jobs, nut cases and techno freaks have certainly deserved it.

MORE: Yeah, this post's going to be constantly updated ... Let's start with Patrick Ruffini:

Ron Paul has shown them that a Republican can do this. But he’s not a very good Republican. His supporters’ slash and burn tactics are not something any campaign would envy. Republican strategists don’t see how the successes of an anti-war libertarian can possibly apply to them. Ron Paul gives Internet success a bad name by making it look like a fringe phenomenon.


All of these things have to do with message, not blogging, not Twittering, not Web sites. Certain types of messages win online, and others just don’t. Mike Huckabee is folksy and smooth and probably great in a room, but he failed to convert his Ames momentum because you can’t summarize his campaign in a single word… and despite the IA/NH hype, you can’t win the presidency if you can’t scale beyond the room.

More certainly to follow.

EVEN MORE: Lew Rockwell finally wakes up to the Ron Paul phenomenon ...

MORE STILL: Matt Zeitlin is not impressed and notes that Chris Bowers thinks Paul is "phoning it in."

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