Tuesday, October 9, 2007

More on Muravchik

Jim Lobe on the Joshua Muravchik's piece I linked to this weekend:

Muravchik is widely considered among the most idealistic of the neo-cons, but I think we can detect, at least in his initial observations in Iraq, a certain flexibility regarding his championship of democratically elected governments, particularly ones with close ties to countries deemed hostile to Israel and the United States.

Muravchik, whose writing style i quite like, has also published a new defense of neo-conservatism in this month’s edition of ‘Commentary’ magazine (obligingly republished by the Wall Street Journal on-line) which I hope to get the time to review at greater length later this week. In addition to insisting once again that neo-conservatives hold no special brief for or concern about Israel (except as a fellow-democracy, of course), he makes the most-remarkable claims about how they played no role whatsoever in the disastrous mistakes, such as the sweeping de-Baathification program, of Paul Bremer or Donald Rumsfeld and thus cannot be blamed in any way for the debacle that followed.

So it's taking a while because the original essay was long.

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