Monday, October 8, 2007

James Dobson '08

Oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please!

I don't see it happening. Dobson is no spring chicken and I would imagine that he is well aware of the physical demands put on a candidate on the campaign trail. He also reportedly doesn't get out of Colorado Springs very much. Plus, I have no idea what it would mean for Focus on the Family (would he have to stop his radio shows to comply with FEC rules?). Why bother with all of those details when you can just appoint a proxy to run in your place?

But the most important reason he won't do it is because he would be so far out of his element that he would risk destroying his legacy as a conservative Christian agitator. Dobson thrives in the way a direct mail consultant thrives: he speaks to his audience and everyone else be damned. He can control the medium in a Colorado sound room, but he will come across looking batshit insane on CNN standing next to the rest of the field.

Dobson is an old man who is undoubtedly concerned about how he will be remembered. Going out as a well-funded, but just as crazy, right-wing version of Mike Gravel does not do a lasting memory much good.

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