Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tomorrow's Shitshow Today!

Babblemur's reporting that Oshkosh City Councilwoman Jessica King is running for Carol Roessler's state senate seat.

Unless Roessler retires, I don't anticipate anything less than a good old fashioned clusterfuck for the next 12 months. One expensive, messy ... oh, you get the picture!

I know of nothing that indicates that Roessler is planning on retiring. She ran unopposed last time around and may have been thinking she'd receive little challenge in '08. But that was before folks started renting out billboards on highway 41 asking her not to run again. She's no longer in the majority, and will not likely be getting back there soon -- why not call it a career and go cash in with some lobbying shop? That way she'd never have to come all the way "back" to the district to cut the ribbon at the new elementary school or whatever.

We'll see. Until Roessler actually comes out and says "I'm in," there's going to be speculation about her retirement. One of the reasons I tend to doubt that she will call it quits is the lack of a viable replacement candidate. The two other Republican assembly reps are John Townsend and Carol Owens, so that's not happening. Unless the state GOP can recruit some hot shot without a voting record, they'll probably ask her to stick it out.

Like I said, we'll see.

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Archivista said...

Great commentary. I think you could have added an "unmitigated" in there somewhere, though.