Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mr. 13%

Two days ago, Stephen Colbert was polling at 2.3% in a hypothetical Democratic party primary with his name on the ballot.

Today he's polling at 13% as an independent in a three-way competition with Clinton and Giulinai. Not surprisingly, the kids "get it":
In the match-up with Giuliani and Clinton, Colbert draws 28% of likely voters aged 18-29. He draws 31% of that cohort when his foes are Thompson and Clinton. In both match-ups, Colbert has more support with young voters than the GOP candidate.
Yup, the emphasis was in the original.

To review: Stephen Colbert has jumped from 2.3% to 13% in two utterly unrelated polls that ask two vastly different questions, neither of which take into account the reality of his proposed campaign (he's only running in South Carolina, the polls were taken from nation-wide samples). Still, THAT'S A 10+ POINT JUMP IN THE POLLS!!!

[via Pollster]

MORE: The hype continues!

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