Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Sunday Omnibus Reader

* Maureen Dowd hands the keys to her column over to Stephen Colbert. Sheer brilliance ensues. [via Althouse]

* National Journal on the rules of engagement in Iraq.

* Mary Wagner, a Sheboygan County district attorney, takes to the pages of the Washington Post to demonstrate why deadbeat dads should tremble at the mention of her name.

* Retired generals discuss whether the Bush administration disregarded military expertise in the run up to the Iraq war in Foreign Affairs.

* Packers play the Redskins today without Washington offensive lineman Kili Lofuto, who was arrested Friday night in a bar brawl.

* That crazy chick in Seymour who wanted to change her last name to bin Laden has second thoughts.

* Sen. John McCain throws down against Mitt Romney.

*Germans don't understand why conservatives are all up in arms about Al Gore's Nobel Prize.

* Bill Richardon thinks Wisconsin's water would look better next to the sandy mesas of the Southwest.

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