Friday, July 2, 2010

More Emails from the Ron Johnson Campaign

Two to share with you today.

The first was actually sent before the Tim Pawlenty email, so it's the campaign's seventh:
Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate Email #7
The next is the campaign's ninth, an update on the progress of the "Fein Gold Card" fundraising effort:
Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate Email #9


He's still Louis Quatorze Johnson said...

The other night I was laying in bed not sleeping, thinking of Ron Johnson. After you absorb the horror of that (so much worse for me) I mean it popped into my head that it seems kinda weird (as most of Johnson's campaign choices seem) that he is choosing to portray Russ as Mr. GoldCard.

I suppose it's normal to try to re-define your opponent, but I guess I wouldn't choose to go this route in this "short " of time. It's been really well-known for years that Feingold is UN-opportunistic, and he got lots of publicity for being the poorest Senator etc. That is pretty well buried in people's heads, love him or hate him.
It took time for people to get the image of Herb Kohl's wealth making him "nobody's Senator but yours" out of their heads, but it did happen. Of course people get re-defined. I just don't think there's enough skill to do the quick surgery on people's minds in this manner.

Yeah Ron (lol I know you hang on my every word) the idea is to tap into (i.e. beat the Dead Horse) the idea that LIBERALS ARE SPEND HAPPY but I still think it's a fail of an idea. Feingold is austere in so many ways. Remember, the key to your success is NOT singing familiar tunes to your Base Idiots, but to woo the wobbly middle-folks and Independents. They will so..

every person with a brain would realize that A WEBSITE is YOU on the internet. If you own it -YOU REALLY OWN IT!!!
Even if it has bitchin' about other people all over it - that site takes the place of YOUR face, YOUR body and YOUR mannerisms. If it's gold and glitzy, YOU own the gold, no one else. People might be giving money bit only cuz they're republicans and you're one. NOT because the site is a good idea.

You Ron, are still just The Anti-Feingold. A millionaire gold-encrusted Bossman-in-a-hardhat-gettin-down-with-the-boys Anti-Feingold.
No matter how much cash funnels thru it, that site is still Noob Spawn.

T. Hee said...

Chief is out singin' Karaoke