Thursday, July 29, 2010

More on NOM

Steve Chapman has a good round-up on the NOM rally:

So why would NOM hold a rally where it is sure of being badly outnumbered by motivated and well-organized critics? Maybe because that's what it wanted. The Summer for Marriage Tour could have been called the Come Shout Us Down Tour.

The endeavor has managed to make opponents of gay marriage look like a brave, embattled minority, even though they constitute 53 percent of the public and have gotten their way in all but a few states. At today's rally, NOM supporters just number two or three dozen.

NOM's website ( focuses not on any outpouring of support for its cause, but on the protesters who have appeared at its rallies, including some it accuses of disruptive and intimidating tactics. "Watch the shocking video here!" it proclaims, linking to a clip from a somewhat raucous event that, in truth, falls short of shocking.


Then he concludes:

It's hard to get terribly outraged when a group that goes out of its way to be drowned out by its critics almost gets drowned out by its critics. But the people here to support "traditional marriage" can accurately claim that they have been impeded in their effort to communicate their views.

You see, NOM and its allies attest that after all, they don't want to deny the other side the right to speak. They just want to enjoy the same right.

To which the other side might reply: Hmm. Kind of like what we say about marriage.


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OmNom said...

well, I guess the thing is...
The NOM people are still calling the shots. They are the leaders, in control.
They are the ones who pick the times and places. The counter-protesters are jumping when NOM says "jump", and it seems jumping pretty high.

Following NOM around seems lame to me. It gives them gravitas. and if you're the 'reactor" you're just the bitch.
and - If you hate someone why show up to their party?
They look like losers if they're sitting there surrounded by signs and microphones and the media shows no one attending.
Remember how bad it looked when a few years back they showed pix of Cindy whats-her-name Angry Mom war-protester alone? trying to make it look like the crowds didn't care anymore?


anti-NOMs should quit playing Goliath to NOM's David.

CJ said...

Maybe they'll be back, in Milwaukee next June for Pride Fest where they'll get a chance to show their true colors.