Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kevin Fischer Makes a Very Loud Point

Obviously, the point of this asinine exercise in public masturbation isn't to dish out wedding planning advice, but rather to hurl insults.

Which begs question: Why bother pretending to discuss public affairs when we bloggers can fling names like oh so many piles of shit in a monkey cage at the zoo?

Seriously. Fischer is an inbred idiot man-child so entrenched in his worldview that no argument is ever going to persuade him to change his mind, so what's the point of pretending like we're having a policy discussion? Why don't we just dispense with the pleasantries and just get down to calling each other impotent twats?

I'd be more than happy to go this route in the future. It's not like Fischer has anything interesting to say about anything else.


Anonymous said...

Ugh I can't believe I actually read his post. BRB, I need to shower after that.

Anonymous said...

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