Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ron Johnson News Round Up

Tons of new from Team RJ yesterday. Not only was Johnson on public radio, probably the first time he's faced tough questions from ideological opposites, but he also attended a "luncheon" hosted by WisPolitics.com where he addressed numerous issues as well.

Here's Johnson answering questions from a scrum of reporters at the event:

Here's WRN coverage. Here's the WisPol write-up.

Two things that we'll probably get into later. The first is taxes. Johnson said a lot about taxes yesterday that needs a closer look.

The second is Afghanistan. On the day after the Wikileaks episode, Afghanistan is being given a rare dose of public attention and it appears that in Feingold and Johnson Wisconsin has two very contrasting opinions to weigh.

We'll try to get to both when we can.

Moving on, Terrence Wall is still on the warpath, doing a lengthy interview with Madison talk radio host Sly Sylvester.

And, lastly, the FEC has a general look at RJ's finances thus far:
Ron Johnson for Senate July FEC report
As of the beginning of July RJ had spent around $1 million, had $1 million on hand, and loaned his campaign about 75% of its total receipts.

Now, lastly, the NRSC is dropping half a million on TV time in the state, almost all of it to be devoted to negative advertising. Per the lovely explanation by Chris Cillizza:
The NRSC has bought $1.75 million worth of air time in California as well as $515,000 in Washington and $470,000 in Wisconsin, expenditures to that amount to 1,000 points of statewide TV in the latter two states and a 1,000 points of television in Los Angeles in the Golden State. (A 1,000 points of television means that the average viewer will see a given ad 10 times in a week.)

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