Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wisconsin GOP Cites a Source Critical of the Ron Johnson Campaign in an Effort to Slam Russ Feingold

This is amusing: In an effort to rebut the "Just say No" to drilling ad that Feingold released last week, the WisGOP has issued a press release citing a post from critical of the Feingold TV spot.

The problem is that the link they provide doesn't go to any specific article on FactCheck, just to the web site itself.

That's because, and obviously unmentioned in the press release, the source spends half of the article slamming RJ for "distorting" Feingold's record. You can find the link right here.

The larger lesson here is that the Wisconsin GOP really doesn't think very much of voters (and the press, apparently).

This nonsense also made it's way on to RJ's Facebook page, so I guess the same lesson applies to the candidate as well.

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