Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ron Johnson Email #11

The Johnson campaign is trying to capitalize on a favorable poll from Rasmussen that has RJ edging out Feingold 47% to 46%. To celebrate the news they're asking supporters to fork over $47.

This is just a few days after the campaign announced that they raised $557,774 from 2127 contributors -- that's an average of $262 per contributor. Johnson also announced he was going to liquidate his shares of BP stock, which are currently worth about half of what they were worth when he entered the campaign, to help finance his campaign and after a small uproar.

Ron Johnson for U.S. Senate Email #11


Anonymous said...

lol @ "small uproar"

must be curtesy of "small people"

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Remember folks, at this time of the year, if Razzy has it Johnson +1, it's really Feingold +9.

Can we get ONE poll in this state that has a decent amount of people under 40 and gets folks without landlines? Just lazy stuff, or B.S. to try to generate hits and stories.

But it will make for a fun story in August and September as Feingold "rallies".