Monday, July 26, 2010

Ron Johnson Gets Hammered After Reneging on Selling his BP Stock

Not selling his BP stock is getting Ron Johnson far and away the most press of the campaign thus far, and the headlines aren't flattering:
It's not a good thing to have words like "wavers" and "changes mind" joining your name in the headlines.

If you're willing to spend $10-15 million on a run for the senate, it seems like it would be a smart idea to bite the bullet and take the losses over the stock.


Anonymous said...

Except his whole motivation is throwing himself into the breach to protect his own fortune.

Stewie said...

I don't agree that selling the stock (from HIS point of view) is the best option. Yes, he's fucked to some degree either way. BUT he needs to choose who he pisses off - The Uber-Wealthy and Powerful people in Oil and from Texas (where he gets his campaign help)
or does he just take it in the ass from the Po' Folk and news media, and this is still pretty early for "normal" people. Only us wonks are paying attention now.

Selling off BP might look like the "right thing" to us "small people" but it's a serious slap in the face and vote of no confidence to the Oil people. And let's face it, I'm sure they perceive THEMSELVES as the victims here.
"Boo-freakin-hoo.. we try sooo hard to provide the oil you need, and YOU chased us into the Gulf, now you are being mean to us. bwaaaaahaw"
So maybe RoJo won't want to piss THEM off, if he shows loyalty to them they can still surreptitiously help his campaign from afar.

And we can all just "eat cake". Right, Marie?
Oui! vous ĂȘtes sooo right, Stewie!

CJ said...

A clear example of what to look forward to if he is elected. So unequivocal, so clear, so decisive, so steady, so reliable (not).

Maybe he was born to be a politician after all.