Monday, July 12, 2010

Ron Johnson's first Egregious Flip-Flop: Drilling in the Great Lakes

I honestly don't know how much traction the "Ron Johnson owns BP stock" argument is gaining, but the Johnson campaign sure thinks enough of it to issue two oil-related press releases today, one of which proves to be Johnson's first blatant flip-flop of the campaign.

A month ago Johnson was pretty clear that if oil was discovered in the Great Lakes, drilling was going to be fair game under his watch, but today he's singing a different tune:

“The 2005 Energy Bill, which Russ Feingold voted against, outlawed drilling in the Great Lakes. I would not support any efforts to overturn the provision which outlaws drilling in the Great Lakes as Wisconsin’s next U.S. Senator. Let me repeat: I would reject any and all efforts to drill in the Great Lakes.”

You can parse the language all you want but the fact of the matter is that Johnson has done a complete turn-around on the issue. Let me repeat: a complete turn-around on the issue.


Stewie said...

"Mike Tate accused Johnson on Monday of supporting BP to protect his personal investments."

well, that's good...even if it's just another brick in the wall

Anonymous said...

RoJo has just made himself irrelevant on this issue. Voters will have to assume that (if elected) RoJo would find it equally easy to flop back to a Pro-Drill policy.

I am for Great Lakes Drilling
I am not for Great Lakes Drilling

I am in the Tea Party
I am not in the Tea Party

I am self-funded
I am not self-funded

Jacket on
Jacket off

I am going to win
I am not going to win.

CJ said...

“Interesting” way to run a campaign"

More non-info from the RoJo

CJ said...

Council Meeting Live Chat tonight?

The Ambiguously Gendered Stewie said...

Hey, that's nice (and yet, not much of a surprise considering) - Cheryl Hentz has lovely words for The Chiefy-pie. Also, I think she called him a He-She or something.
but I understand the idea.

But even more pertinent to the State of Life In America As We Know It...
That is a friggin' cute dog in that avie up there. Holy Hydrants Batman! She's soooo adorable! Politically astute as well.
Only an amazing person would have such a dog in their life.