Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ron Johnson on BadgerCare: What Now?

Someone's going to have explain this to me further because the way it's written permits multiple readings. From today's MJS:

Johnson predicts the new health care law will separate people from their preferred providers. He calls it "socialized medicine," while acknowledging that it is not that. He says he has no doubt it will lead to a socialized system.

He said the number of people without access to health care is somewhat overblown and that in Wisconsin, BadgerCare covers many people who fall through the cracks.

Asked if he supports BadgerCare, Johnson said: "We have it."

For the love of Christ, what the hell does that mean?

Here are just a few interpretations that I think can be gleaned from that exchange.
1.) That BadgerCare is already a program that exists and, as such, Johnson isn't going to do anything to dismantle it.

2.) That "we" -- i.e. the Johnson family -- uses BadgerCare.

3.) That "we" -- i.e. Pacur, Johnson's company -- uses BadgerCare.

4.) "No comment."
There are problems with any of those answers. A little more clarification would have been helpful.

I don't know if this was the journalists fault or if that's all the Johnson said, but clarity is quickly becoming an issue with RJ's communications strategy. It's one thing to be ambiguous so as to leave a little wiggle room, but it's another to allow open-ended answers become so nebulous that they become counter-productive.

Since health care is one of the primary reason Johnson got in the race in the first place, you'd think he would be more prepared to deal with the question.

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CJ said...

Remarkable. Even when he says something, he says nothing.

That, my friend, is a gift.