Friday, July 23, 2010

Showdown at the BiMonSciFiCon

The Westboro Baptist Church decided to picket, of all things, Comic-Con, whose very geeky attendees decided to counter-protest.

Hilarity ensued.


Over9000MikuSasuNaruDomokun said...

And for your Friday Fun, here's a few more below, hot off the press. First one especially fer yew.

and um... they had to get "The Cake is a Lie" in there, didn't they?

and now, as a Grand Finale -my all-time personal favorite cosplay pic not even from this Con and I shouldn't do this but...

maybe my own experience of that image is enhanced by the knowledge that the girl riding the guy's arm is a horrible horrible human being, but even so. The pose.
Quite special.

A Reader said...

Maybe I missed this on his website (and elsewhere) but Ron Johnson is calling for Senatorial (2) term limits and making some other interesting promises to supporters.
Since you have no means of private communication I can't pass on interesting data/gossip to you beyond that. Which, as I said, may not even be news.

5:13 said...

Hey A reader, I'd be interested if you felt like sharing. What's your email?

A Reader said...

Dear 5:13

oh yeah right. I'm stupid like that