Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kyle Maichle Discovers Dead Hookers Under the Floorboards of Russ Feingold HQ!

And by "dead hookers" I mean an 11 year-old series of minor disclosure issues.

Since his boy Scott Walker has been shitting the bed lately, I guess Maichle has decided to train his eagle eyes on Feingold.

What a fair weather douche.


Shocked Stewie said...

Kyle's a fool.
His panties are all in knots because of the Soros kids, when he COMPLETELY fails to notice Russ took money from none other than JIM CROW.
Boy, things are never gonna be the same now between Russ and ol' Barack Hussein
Somebody call the NAACP

Scintillated Stewie said...

I also couldn't help but notice your phrase "Fair weather douche"
I suppose you use that after you use the Marshmallow Dildo you mentioned in your previous post.

Anonymous said...

He really has let Mike Tate Watch go to seed. His postings were so pinch-faced and hilariously amateurish, they really were must-read.