Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a Shitty Day to be a Republican

Man, the GOP got it's ass handed to itself today -- there's just no two ways around it. Let's look at the scoreboard:
  • The Stimulus deal gets reached. (That was quick.) Nearly everyone who is not a Republican thinks Sens. Collins, Snow and Specter are more powerful today than they were last week ... and Republicans want their hides.
  • Unions are going after vulnerable GOP congressmen ...
  • ... And those GOP congressmen are responding like dipshits (seriously, Cantor's spokesman should be looking for a job tonight).
Not exactly what I would call a stellar day at the office.

: Totally forgot about the peanut bastards -- another banner day for proponents of deregulation everywhere!


erinelizabeth said...

Speaking of "shitty" and "republican" in the same sentence, see where Kevin Fischer compares his wife's size to a dump truck (in the comments)

CJ said...

Wow. This one is almost too full of stuff to comment....

*fans self*