Saturday, February 21, 2009

Tea-baggers of the World Unite!

Here's a list of the Wisco bloggers who approve of/express interest in attending one of the "Santelli Tea Party" extravaganzas that are now scheduled for next week.
The GOP3
Mark Pribonic
Silent E
The Ol' Broad
Cindy Kilkenny
Mary Eden
The Game
Berry Laker
The Badger Blogger Guy
Try 2 Focus
Fred Dooley
Charlie Sykes
The Chad
A Little off Main
I'm interested to see who actually goes to these things; so if you do make it, take a few pictures post 'em up in your blog. We'll be amazed if half these guys make it to an event.


Cindy Kilkenny said...

You don't know what you're talking about, Chief. I'm only in for July 4th, 2009.

Kate said...

I'll have to post pictures from Memphis, since I actually LIVE in Tennessee. :/

CJ said...

From Hogberg's blog-
“My husband and I were feeling frustrated that the stimulus had passed with very little debate and no one had read it,” she told IBD. “I said, ‘We need to do something.’

They're killin' me.....
I keep reading that no one has read it. Are you kidding?

Have you been watching C-Span? Did you even look online? Even I could find and post links to the bills on the ONW site with only a tiny google search and I'm not exactly a computer whiz.

If nobody (you) read it, that explains where a lot of the misinformation comes from. Doesn't it?

Jb said...
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Jb said...

I don't give a shit where you live or when you're going -- show me pictures, otherwise, all I hear is a lot of talk and see no action...

I'm sure the tea party in July will do a lot of good ... and if there's one in Memphis, great! Go to it.

Let's see some action, Ladies. Anyone can blog -- let's see if you can put your money where your mouths are.

Kate said...

Once again, you show your class. /snark

Jb said...

I got no class!

Show up -- and bring pictures -- or shut the up...

Kate said...


CJ said...

Here are the links to the stimulus bill. Please read.

Bruce said...

I'd like to challenge you to offer an example of precisely where, in the thread you reference, anyone from BadgerBlogger expresses any opinion whatsoever about Mr. Santelli, his rant, or any "activities" supposedly being planned as a result.

Here's the thread you felt the need to reference. Your readers can make their own decision.

CJ said...

Text from the post-

"President Obama, are you listening?

Posted on Thursday, 19th February 2009 by Bruce

Trading floor at the Chicago Board of Trade erupts in opposition to Obama’s economic plans during CNBC broadcast.

“The government is promoting bad behavior.”
“How many of you want to help pay your neighbor’s mortgage, the one with the extra bathroom, that’s not making their payments? Raise your hands.”

(Your post Includes a link to Santelli's Tea Party on CNBC)

I challenge you to explain precisely why you would post the information, quotes and links in your blog if not to infer a message.

What was your intention? What is the implication? Or is there none? You simply paste random stuff in your blog?

Bruce said...

There is absolutely no editorial commentary with regard to Mr. Santelli's rant contained in the post you link to.

The post heading is a question posed by Mr. Santelli to Mr. Obama. The quotes contained within are Santelli's, and Santelli's alone.

Like many (non-Oshkosh) blogs, we post subjects of a topical nature, giving our diverse group of readers a chance to sound off on the issues of the day.

Again, I challenge you to find any endorsement of Santelli's position in that posting.

To the owner of this blog, I demand that the link to "the Badger Blogger Guy" (there are actually four of us, but had you ever read our blog prior to stumbling on to one specific post, looking for fuel for your made-up fire, you'd know that) inferring some supposed endorsement of Santelli's position on this issue be removed from your blog, and that a redaction of our position be published here immediately.

You have chosen to put words in our mouths; your comments are in error, and we will not back down from this position.

I hope I am crystal clear on this.


Kate said...

I noticed you didn't actually link back to the pictures of the MANY "Tea Parties"....including mine. Hmmm....wonder why that is?