Sunday, February 8, 2009

Limbaugh's Unfavorable Numbers

An interesting figure:
But what's more interesting is that in 2003 there was a greater disparity among conservatives who found the veteran talker unfavorable. That year, 29% of Republicans gave him the thumbs-down, whereas today only 23% judged him unfavorably. Who knew rooting against America would find favor in the hearts of the Right?
One possible cause for this shift in approval is that moderate Republicans who would have disapproved of Limbaugh a few years ago are no longer calling themselves Republicans. It shouldn't surprise anyone if this number continues to decline in the next few years. That's not necessarily a sign that Limbaugh is more popular among Republicans and could be yet another sign that the party is getting more conservative.

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CJ said...

Lee Atwater died in 1991, but his legacy continues.