Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not in the Slightest

From the, ugh, Casanova:
The fact of the matter is as follows: This economic crisis was severely oversold by President Obama and the liberals in Congress while the liability to the average American taxpayer went largely unreported.
Perhaps the Casanova should spend less time romancing the women and more time watching TV if he's going to wax economic.

Let's get this straight: Nobody is saying the economy just isn't all that bad -- the issue is just how bad it is right now.

MORE: Here's another moment of greatness from the Casanova:
Anyone who knows the Casanova realizes he is not a follower of Rachel Maddow.

She is a hate-mongerer who spews the propaganda at any chance.

I have followed her show on MSNBC since its' inception in September, and have found myself more outraged with every broadcast.

(emphasis added)
Apparently it only takes two whole sentences for the Casanova to completely contradict himself.

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