Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Mary Lazich: in the Pocket of Big Camping

Mary Lazich really must think that everyone who she represents and who reads her blog is retarded. That's the only explanation I can think of for what has to be considered one of the all time stupidest explanations for rejecting a piece of legislation:

See, she voted against the raise in the state's minimum wage for the kids ... so they could go to camp:
I received several communications from a constituent very concerned about the impact on camps. The constituent correctly points out that the minimum wage increase bill contains a 24 percent increase for minor staff and an 11 percent increase for adult staff at camps. The increases that would go into effect this June would create an immediate $10,000 shortfall at the constituent’s camp. Camp directors do not want to see themselves put in the terrible position of contributing to increasing the unemployment numbers.

(emphasis added)
God forbid camp directors should be put in a position where they might not be able to hire a dozen 16 year-olds to play capture the flag, drink in the woods and try to score with the chicks at the girls camp across the lake!

Is this fucking woman for real?

If this is genuinely her reasoning for voting against the the bill than she should be able to provide us with the following numbers:
  • How many camps are in her district?
  • How many camps are in the state of Wisconsin?
  • How many of these camps operate on a seasonal basis (i.e. only during the summer) in her district?
  • ... in the state of Wisconsin?
  • How many seasonal "adult" staffers are we talking about in her district?
  • ... in the state of Wisconsin?
  • How many year-round adult staffers are in her district?
  • ... in the state of Wisconsin?
  • What about the figures for "minor" staffers?
  • How do these figures compare with the economic impact of a raise in the state minimum wage for people who work full-time, year-round and have obligations like families (as opposed to those just looking for some spending cash once they get back to school)?
If this is honestly the reason why Lazich voted against the bill she should be able to recite these figures off the top of her head. Instead she points to an article she found on CNN.com and some phone calls she got and gives us this tripe.

Well, if this is their answer and they're sticking to it, then we here at the Chief have take our hats off to the Office of State Senator Mary Lazich: your fine work has transcended just being merely an embarrassment to the people of suburban Milwaukee, you are now a disgrace to Democracy.

If I were in charge of organizing Unions I would plaster that quote over every piece of literature, stick in on every mailing and insert it in every stump speech I gave between Maine to San Diego. There are legitimate reasons to oppose an increase in the minimum wage, but this is ridiculous, and should go to show that Republicans are not only completely out of ideas, but are just as void of explanations for why they do what they do.


CJ said...

Recall time?

Zach W. said...

Lazich must have written that particular blog entry herself, because for all his flaws, KFisch isn't stupid enough to post something like that.