Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This Will Only End in Disaster

What would lead anyone to believe this is a good idea?

ON SECOND THOUGHT: Whoops ... I read the rest of the original article wrong. Here are the grafs that Lohenry didn't bother quoting:
If nothing else, GOP aides are using the appearance to get staffers to attend the 9 a.m meeting.

“In case you weren’t planning to attend CWG tomorrow morning, you might want to reconsider because Joe the Plumber will be joining us!” Kimberly Wallner, an aide to South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, wrote in a message to her e-mail list this afternoon.

So basically Joe the Plumber is basically the "free pizza while it lasts" lure to get staffers into the meeting and not anyone who is going to be taken seriously by the leadership.

Well played, GOP. Well played.

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