Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Every Referee's Fantasy

Now that's what I call a penalty box! (zing!):

Next time you get ready to shout "You suck!" as a basketball ref, consider the plight of Patrick Rempala.

The 64-year-old fan faces charges of battery and resisting arrest after going onto the court at a high school game in Indiana. Rempala's Washington Township team had just been beaten 32-21 by Michigan City Marquette, and he decided to take it out on referee Glen Fifield.

The ref walked away after Rempala yelled "You suck!" But then, police say, the fan pushed him again and Fifield informed Rempala of two things: 1) He is an Indiana state trooper. 2) Rempala was under arrest.

More scuffling ensued during which, Fifield said, the fan told him, "You can't arrest me, you're a referee."

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