Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kevin Fischer and Elitism

If there is a more blatant way of say "I am so much better than you are that you should even bothering practicing your most important constitutional obligation," than I haven't seen it:
Primary elections in odd-number year elections get little attention. The odds are most people don't know what's on the ballot and they simply do not care.

If you are one of these individuals, do not listen to some newspaper editorials that claim it's your patriotic and civic duty to vote. If you have no clue about what Tuesday is all about, stay the hell home.

(emphasis added)
There's a pretty obvious argument to be made that anyone who would make such a comment clearly has "no clue what Tuesday is all about." Anyone with the temerity to suggest that "my vote should count and yours shouldn't" has no business in the civic discourse.

For a guy who likes to project the image of a rabble rousing populace, Fischer is without question the most elitist loudmouth in Wisconsin. I can't think of another "pundit" who has advocated that people not vote. This country has enough problems encouraging political without someone on the inside actively working to disenfranchise the electorate out in the open.

This isn't the first time Fischer pulled this gambit. I doubt it will be the last, but as Fred Keller likes to say, "Franklin deserves better."

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