Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are All Paultards Now

There seems to be a great deal of excitement around this rant some guy on CNBC made this morning. This has led to planning of the "Chicago Tea Party" this July (you know, by which time the weather will be a lot nicer and Congress will have passed all relevant bills...). Here are just a few of Wisco bloggers who seem on board with the party, or at least with Santelli's tirade:
The GOP3
Mark Pribonic
Silent E (twice in one day!)
The Ol' Broad
Cindy Kilkenny (she goes for the duece as well)
Mary Eden
The Game
The Badger Blogger Guy
So its the usual suspects ... one problem: the Tea Party homage has already been done ... by the Ron Paul folks.

What's next? Will the GOP be renting a blimp?

MORE: Here are few more Tea-baggerspartiers:
Try 2 Focus
Fred Dooley
Charlie Sykes
The Chad
A Little off Main

Can't wait to see who actually shows up!


CJ said...

For those claiming no one has read the stimulus bills.
Read them. They've been online for WEEKS.

Bruce said...

I'd like to challenge you to offer an example of precisely where, in the thread you reference, anyone from BadgerBlogger expresses any opinion whatsoever about Mr. Santelli, his rant, or any "activities" supposedly being planned as a result.

Here's the thread you felt the need to reference. Your readers can make their own decision.

Bruce said...

There is absolutely no editorial commentary with regard to Mr. Santelli's rant contained in the post you link to.

The post heading is a question posed by Mr. Santelli to Mr. Obama. The quotes contained within are Santelli's, and Santelli's alone.

Like many (non-Oshkosh) blogs, we post subjects of a topical nature, giving our diverse group of readers a chance to sound off on the issues of the day.

Again, I challenge you to find any endorsement of Santelli's position in that posting.

To the owner of this blog, I demand that the link to "the Badger Blogger Guy" (there are actually four of us, but had you ever read our blog prior to stumbling on to one specific post, looking for fuel for your made-up fire, you'd know that) inferring some supposed endorsement of Santelli's position on this issue be removed from your blog, and that a redaction of our position be published here immediately.

You have chosen to put words in our mouths; your comments are in error, and we will not back down from this position.

I hope I am crystal clear on this.