Saturday, February 14, 2009

Kevin Fischer: Don't Blame Newcomer, the Colored Folks Did It!

This one's really beyond the pale, even by the low standards of Kevin Fischer.

This afternoon Franklin's favorite legislative Yes-man took to his blog to valiantly defend a "young couple falling victim to these tough economic times." The only problem is that this young couple is a physician and Republican state legislator Scott Newcomer, who have it so rough that they just bought $1.5 million home three years ago and have stopped paying mortgage payments on their previous house.

Fischer seems to take great umbrage at the thought of criticizing Newcomer for neglecting his fiduciary responsibilities.

And this just a couple of weeks after ridiculing a high ranking Democrat for failing to own up to his own financial obligations...

There's a lot of mind-blowing content in this post. Obviously, the hypocrisy of Fischer's double standard for his fellow Republicans should be offensive to any serious individual, but just as astonishing, is Fischer's suggestion to the MJS that the real story should focus on "those individuals who took out loans they had no business securing that led the country into the housing crisis, many of them poor minorities."

He actually went there, folks! Fischer came right out and said: Ignore Newcomer's financial troubles and start paying attention to the poor colored folks' nefarious plot to destroy the economy!

At best this comment is poorly informed, at worst it's pretty racist -- I'll leave it up to the reader to decide which.

So much for being a strong believer in personal responsibility (see the comments section)...

Lastly, Does Fischer honestly expect us to think that the Newcomer's have fallen on tough economic times when they have two homes, one of which is valued at 1.5 million? It's one thing to defend a colleague, it's quite another to take your apologetics to such an absurd end.

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