Sunday, January 13, 2008

Huckabee's Metamucil Moment

I actually think this is the funniest thing Huckabee's said so far this election, largely because it's a great insult that works on a couple of levels.

First, Metamucil is for old people, ergo: Fred Thompson is old. Ha ha ...

But better still is the fact that this is the way that Huckabee -- remember, who is an ordained Baptist minister -- says that someone is full of shit. Metamucil is a laxative, after all. Huckabee has a history of using this form of dodging the curse:

Huckabee is never profane -- one of his first acts as governor was to ban swearing and inappropriate sexual remarks by his staff -- but he has a way of expressing himself that sometimes flirts with vulgarity. ''Once he told a group of journalists that I was constipated,'' John Brummett recalls. ''That was his way of saying I was full of [expletive].''

Basically this post was an excuse to get readers to read the word Metamucil a few times. It's a strangely wonderful word, especially to say out loud.


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