Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't Listen to Your Constituents, Listen to Me

This advice to state Rep. Sen. Sheila Harsdorf is side-splittingly grand:

Sheila doesn’t just need to listen to her constituents, because very often, her constituents are swayed by propaganda, bad information, and just plain selfish desires to have every aspect of their lives be up to their personal standards of comfort. Sheila’s duty is to uphold and fight for our basic rights as American citizens. It appears to me that Sheila Harsdorf is no longer a friend of liberty.

That's right, Sheila, don't listen to your constituents -- they're all retards, anyway ... They're all just too busy living on their selfish impulses and being bamboozled by propaganda to care about their own liberties.

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PheistyBlog said...

I happen to know that Sheila didn't listen to her constituents on this one. Do you know how many taverns are in Ms. Harsdorf's district who will lose their private property rights over this ban of a legal substance on their property?

If you can't see the threat posed in a statewide smoking ban, and instead choose to make it appear as thought Sheila is somehow standing up for freedom and liberty, I guess that's your deal. But her first duty is to uphold freedom, and if she can't do that, she doesn't deserve anyone's support.

I suppose that one could argue that if everyone tells Sheila that they'd like to take a trip to hell in a handbasket, she should support that, too? Elected representatives have a responsibility to their constituencies, but they have a larger responsibility to uphold our basic freedoms.