Thursday, January 31, 2008

I Believe There's Some Kind of Professional Sporting Event this Weekend

I know the SuperBowl is going to be kind of a bummer for most folks here, but to assuage your grief here are some Big Game-related links to help get you in the mood for America's most cherished secular holiday:

* To supplement our earlier comprehensive History of the Bud Bowl, here's an interview with the advertising guru who came up with the original idea.

* The 10 All-time Worst Choices for SuperBowl Half-time Performer.

* From the Onion: Professional Sports is Very Interesting.

* A Patriots win might have implications on Super Tuesday, since that's when the team plans on holding their "hypothetical" victory celebration.

* And if screwing with our electoral system wasn't enough for the Patriots, a win by New England will also send the stock market into a death spiral.

* Have we mentioned that New England sports fans are horrible, awful, soulless people? (Why, yes, we have indeed...)

* Football ... for the ladies.

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Too Much Coffee said...

Hard to believe the Rolling Stones weren't one of the ten worst.