Monday, January 21, 2008

Move Along, Now! There's Nothing to See Here!

Jessica McBride continues her inevitably fruitless campaign to pin the Darshan Dhaliwal investigation on Gov. Doyle despite obvious ties to former Gov. Thompson.

I don't know what Dhaliwal's political leanings are, and, in fact, I don't care. People who contribute to campaigns across the political spectrum are not new. Dhaliwal's ties to Thompson, however, appear to be far more extensive and on a more intimate personal level than his ties to Doyle. That's a far more interesting story.

End of story.


Real Debate said...

You soooooo miss the point.

The media only tied him Thompson.

He is attached at the hip to Doyle, he was to Marvin Pratt as well.

To only list the Thompson connection is ridiculous.


Jb said...

But is his connection as close to Doyle as it is to Thompson? That appears at the moment to be a resounding NO.

DD may have given money to Doyle, as he did to a lot of other people, but his relationship to Thompson is unique in that it clearly goes beyond someone who is just giving money for political purposes. That's why the article focused in on Thompson, as the the MJS PI blog makes clear.

It would not surprise to discover that many of the people whom DD gave money to have never even met the man. In fact, that's probably the case with a majority of the recipients of DD's money. So far, nothing has come to light to indicate that DD and Doyle have never met (although, since both are powerful men in a small state, the chances that they have met are pretty good).

Thompson and DD have had an public relationship for some time now, as the public record, not to mention this picture, very clearly shows. If you can find analogous documentation tying DD and Doyle or any of the other recipients of his money, then show us.

But until that happens, it's the Dhaliwal & Thompson Show.