Friday, January 25, 2008

The Defending the American Dream (Wisconsin) Summit

Has anyone wondered why the list of speakers for the hilariously acronymed DAD conference (just in case anyone confused it with a gathering of pansy-assed nanny-staters!) has been so underwhelming?

Oh, let me take a guess ... Is it because the annual CPAC Conference is taking place the same weekend?

Great job planning that one, AFP!

Hey, you know who you could have had if the DAD conference was held yesterday? Newt Gingrich. A little bit too '90s, perhaps, but a lot better than Sen. Tom Coburn from the Great State of Who Gives a Shit.

To be fair, if nothing shakes out on Feb. 5th and the GOP still doesn't have a clear front-runner waiting in the wings, then I'm sure we'll probably see some "last minute additions" to the line-up -- in which case this have been quite possibly the greatest scheduling master-stroke in the history of party planning, but the odds are still so slim (and were even worse when this event was originally planned) that it just looks foolish.

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