Monday, January 21, 2008


I hope everyone has had a chance to read some of the truly inspired limericks that Andrew Sullivan has been posting lately. I couldn't help myself and submitted one of my own, which -- alas! -- did not make the cut. But if it isn't good enough for the esteemed (web) pages of the Atlantic, then it is surely appropriate for the readers of this humble blog, so here you go:

The Ballad of the GOP Also-rans

There once was a man named Tommy,
Who was neither a Rudy nor Romney.
Gaffed to Jews in a speech ,
And said Gays shouldn't teach,
Then blamed it on having to pee.

Then came a man called Tancredo,
Who did not care for Latinos.
Said, "I'll build a fence
To keep out the rest!"
Then ordered himself a burrito.

From God knows where came Alan Keyes,
Who said, "I can has debate, oh please?"
Thought he was being so slick,
But they said, "See ya, you prick!"
Then almost lost to Vermin Supreme.

Their campaigns all suffered concussions.
And their donors said, "That's it, we're done!"
But they had fun on the road
And to a few folks they told:
"At least we changed the discussion!"

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