Friday, January 25, 2008

Dirty Trick of the Day

The Soar Grapes Lateral Smear.

A former Fred Thompson staffer has started ... for some reason. I'm not really sure if this qualifies as a dirty trick -- the web site looks like it was made by a 9th grade Intro to HTML class. And as Blake Dvorak puts it: "It's a pretty angry site and certainly doesn't cast its creator in the most generous light."

Anyway, you get the picture: instead of going after the candidate directly, why not go after his quirky pop-cultural campaign gimmick?

Take that, Kung fu man!

MORE: Sean Hackbarth over at the American Mind is childish enough to support this idiotic attempt at smearing the washed-up b-movie action star who is apparently the ire of recovering Fredheads.

Gentlemen, get over it. Fred lost because he sucks. In fact he sucks so much that fucking Chuck Norris was enough to beat him. You have no one to blame but the shitty candidate y'all decided to back.

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