Friday, October 5, 2007

A Friday Story to Make You Smile

This is awesome -- or rather, this is Crap:

Joe Milenky was DJ'ing at Felix in Adams Morgan in 2003, spinning Brit pop, new wave and indie rock at a party called Trash. Late in the night, a bartender asked Milenky to clear the bar with a slow song or something obnoxious. It was closing time.

Milenky -- a.k.a. DJ YumYum -- flipped through his record collection and landed on "Careless Whisper" by Wham!, George Michael's group in the mid-'80s.

Much to his surprise and the bartender's dismay, the song had the opposite effect. People went nuts. Passersby even came in from the street to dance. From that point on, Milenky started ending all of his Trash nights with a horrible song.

That tradition has exploded into what is now one of Washington's most buzzed-about parties, which he calls "Crap." Its tagline: "We play bad music. On purpose." Think REO Speedwagon, Paula Abdul and Journey. Also, anything with unnecessary saxophone solos and synthesizer lines tends to make the cut.

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