Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yeah, That Just Happened

So Jonathan Krause is actually going to go through with it.

First of all, I think Krause deserves some credit for actually sacking up and making a go at a race for office. The world is full of far too many armchair generals (like, a-hem, yours truly) who are far too content to sit behind a microphone (or anonymously blog) and spew their venom without their words actually having consequences. So, kudos.

Secondly, I obviously don't think Krause has much of a shot at winning.

Now, if you will excuse me, I will be the man drunkenly singing the profanity-laden verison of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at the Karaoke tent at Sawdust Days all weekend long.


Anonymous said...

singing that song really loud at Sawdust Days might kinda kill your Chiefly Anonymity but whatevs darlin'

and Holy Hand-grenades Batman, I think you're being kinda generous re: Krause. I don't even know this guy and it's easy to tell from his Bloggy Attitude his actions are fueled by Arrogance and Dumbness.
and Dumbness
and Arrogance
It ain't courage or whatever you said for him to run, ego ego ego
He's gonna be a clog in the process, a turd in the punchbowl, a tarball on the beach of Democracy.
And don't try so hard to be nice and "fair" ever again, it's just nasty.

anyways - it's just my instinct that weak people like Krause cause unforeseen troubles.
A retard in the race is never a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey! if ppl wanna psych this Krause guy out at a speech or something they should all bring Vuvuzelas, they seem to upset him AND his wife so it'd be a two-fer

He's also highly delusional. He thinks the driver of the 3 car "never endangered safety" of other drivers and I guess those were all just cute lil old Love Taps. Especially backin the day with WAY less safety crap, no HANS devices and all that.

Fer Fuck's sake, Johnny! they didn't call him The Intimidator because he was so damn gentle and "safety conscious". (krause = delusional)

CJ said...

tarball on the beach of Democracy

Love that phrase.

Acceptance Speech Stewie said...

Guess what (big surprise here) I do too.
A lot of the time I'm an ass, but then other times I have to gleefully admit my own awesomeness :)

and... said...

Just as a bit of trivia, you know who said "turd in the punchbowl"? Mick Jagger. ya.
Decades ago in some interview describing a song that didn't go over at some concert or something like that. Back then I was a "really nice girl" and I thought he was a bit too uncouth.
Imagine that if you can. O_o
But we here at Stewie Inc. don't even like Mick Jagger and never did, even so the phrase endured.