Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's Called a "Tracker"

Fred Dooley and Chris from Racine get their panties in a twist over a tracker for the Feingold campaign following Ron Johnson to a gathering of conservatives outside Milwaukee.

Every campaign has someone do this job. If the Johnson campaign doesn't have a tracker then they truly are as incompetent as they have demonstrated themselves to be thus far.

I'm sure Fred and Chris will be just as put off by RJ's "classless" campaign tactics when Johnson's tracker makes his presence known some time in the near future.


Zach W. said...

Fred's good at being outraged; it seems to be his specialty.

5:13 said...

I'd be outraged too if I was stuck with the name "Fred Dooley."

xoff said...

Hang down your head, Fred Dooley.

Anonymous said...

Low end silly name calling, how completely predictable.

I'll be laughing my ass off in November when Senator Feingold joins the ranks of the unemployed.