Friday, January 18, 2008

"George Costanza to be the new traveling secretary for the Packers"

OK, WLUK ... Eli Manning ... Seinfeld ... yadda yadda yadda.

Cute? Sure, why not ... but you knew there'd be a response: screwing with Seinfeld in New York is not unlike screwing with the Packers in Green Bay:

After reports that the manager of a TV station in Green Bay, Wisconsin, will yank Eli Manning's favorite show, Seinfeld, from the airwaves while the Giants are in town to play the Packers, the Post talked Jerry Seinfeld himself into sending the Giants quarterback a complete DVD set. Seinfeld said he'd also be "dispatching George Costanza to be the new traveling secretary for the Packers." (Those of you who are fans of the show will get the reference.)

May I suggest that we quit while we're ahead? Getting into a battle of wits with New Yorkers in a no-win proposition for most Wisconsinites, especially when Jerry Seinfeld is their lead-off hitter (remember, Gotham picked up the staff of the Onion via free agency several years ago). We can probably make a New Yorker cry through the sheer force of our kindness alone ... We can certainly drink them under the table ... And, obviously, we can beat them to a bloody pulp on the football field ... But before we start letting this weekend get to our collective head, let's just awknowledge that Green Bay will never be funnier than New York.

Don't tempt fate.

MORE: Then again, maybe it's not something we have to worry about.

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