Sunday, January 6, 2008

Annals of Unfortunate Metaphors

Ryan Lizza:

For reasons not yet revealed, Hillary Clinton held her final Iowa campaign rally in a museum. ...

The size of the room wasn’t quite up to the occasion—the final night of such a long and hard-fought campaign—and there were pockets of empty space. At the top of a column abutting the stage were the words “witness to change.” “Change,” as just about everyone in Iowa understood, had become the most important word in this Presidential campaign.

Rather than “demanding it,” like John Edwards, or “hoping for it,” like Barack Obama, Hillary told Iowans, “I believe you bring about change by working really, really hard.” So it seemed rather lucky that her campaign had found an event space with a version of that slogan inscribed in the architecture. But, on closer inspection, it turned out that the phrase was part of an exhibit for the mammoths, long extinct, that once roamed what is now Iowa. The skeleton of one of the beasts loomed ominously a few yards from the Clintons, and the museum’s exhibit explained that the mammoths were witnesses to change because they “watched as their world disappeared and their dominance was usurped.”

The whole short piece is great and reminiscent of Akaoni's caucus-going experience -- complete with out-of-state precinct coordinator.

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