Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Good Ideas: A New Mendoza Line

A proposition:

Putting the fun in fundraising: Is there a new "Mendoza line" of sorts for fundraising this 3rd quarter? Longtime baseball fans know what the Mendoza line is (we won't explain here) but what we mean here is that there may be a "Ron Paul line": those candidates who couldn't outraise Paul this quarter (he apparently took in approx. $2.4 million) ought to do some soul searching? So who couldn't outraise Paul this quarter? Dodd, Biden? Huckabee? Every other GOPer not in the top four? Speaking of Huckabee, his campaign yesterday sent out a release touting all the polls and pundits who are touting him as a dark-horse candidate for the nomination. What we haven't seen from the campaign? A fundraising release.

If you need to know what the Mendoza Line is, here you go.

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