Thursday, August 16, 2007

Team Burkee/Walz: Out for Blood!

The Burkee/Walz campaign for congress will kick off this Sunday in Cedarberg. In the first of what is likely to be at least three or four press releases, Burkee held back nothing as he mercilessly laid into Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner:

“We could sit here and talk about how bad Washington and Congress and its leaders have become, or we could start taking some responsibility,” said Burkee. “We will hold our leaders accountable, and it’s going to start right here with this campaign.”


Incidentally, Tyler Williams, who is apparently serving as the campaign's press liaison, appears to be from Oklahoma City (provided the number listed is his cell phone).


Josh Schröder said...

Hi Chief,

If memory serves, only half of Concordia University Wisconsin's undergraduate population is from Wisconsin. Since the Burkee/Walz campaigns are staffed by CUW students and they're not accepting PAC money, it makes sense that the staffers are using their personal cell phones for the time being. Furthermore, ever since November 24, 2003, you can transfer your old cell number to your new cell phone when you switch carriers. Someone from Arizona can keep their old phone number when they move to Illinois and switch from Alltel to U.S. Cellular (or whatever). It's not like they're running their campaign from the State of Oklahoma.

I'm 23 years old and I've never had a landline since moving out of my parents' house. When I ran for office in Grafton, WI, I didn't go out and get a new cell phone just so that I had a 262 area code.

This year I moved to Saint Louis from Wisconsin, and the only phone number I have is my cell phone with a 608 area code. Area codes don't mean what they used to.

Jb said...

Howdy Mr. Shroder,

Thanks for the input.

I too have never had a land land since college and maintain a cell number with an out of state area code. The comment wasn't a dig at Mr. Williams - it was just pointing out something that wasn't readily apparent from the press release.

A lot of voters find "outsiders" working on local campaigns to be evidence of nefarious influence. I don't. But I do find "places of origin" interesting in a general sense.

Staffing the Burkee/Walz campaign with students fro UW and Concordia is wonderful idea. Obviously, drawing from that pool of volunteers is going to include some kids from out of state. I couldn't be happier about that (hopefully they'll stick around after graduation!).

If I remember correctly, I think I read a post on your blog that you were a student of either Burkee and/or Walz. (I may be making this up, but for now, I'm going to roll with it.) If you still keep in touch, please send them my best. I'll be watching their campaign with enthusiastic interest and wish them well.

But I'm also going to have a little fun with it.


Josh Schröder said...

If we bloggers couldn't have fun with politics, it wouldn't be much... fun, would it? ;-)