Thursday, August 30, 2007

More on Allawi

* Allawi now has two financial backers, neither of whom may need to be disclosed according to FARA ...

* Back in Iraq, the man himself is courting the Kurds ...

* Matt Yglesias and Eric Martin notice David Ignatius taking a shine to Allawi ...

* But if you think Ignatius might have signed on to the BGR campaign, than you haven't read Krauthammer, who clearly has:

Maliki is not just weak but unreliable. Time is short. We should have long ago -- say, when national security adviser Stephen Hadley wrote his leaked memo last November about Maliki's failure -- begun working to have this dysfunctional government replaced.

* And in an onion of shilling here's a Weekly Standard post citing a RedState post by Rep. Thad McCotter (R - Never Heard of Him) saying the Iraqi government is broken and actually an impediment to progress.

* Laura Rozen catches a few other Allawi-related pieces.

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